BAC 2013

Hi guys,
I was wondering if you had any idea when bay area classic 2012 is gonna be. Im pretty sure im going, i just need to make sure the date isnt on my piano recital. Anything will help.
thanks :wink:

I was told around labor day weekend in May.

do you think you can give me the dates? cuz when i google search labor day it says september 2. sorry

Memorial day

Oops. Yeah, I can’t remember holidays. They mean nothing to me other than “gee, here’s a day with THE MAN says I can’t work”.

Anyhow, I’m doing sound at BAC, so I better get a bit more aware of this stuff! And yes, I’m bringing the “Case of Wonders”!

yaaaay!!! cant wait im pretty excited ;D

I hope that excitement is for BAC!!!

yup :smiley:

OK, good. I won’t be able to chat most of the time. I’m going to work on a template for Ableton Live Lite so I can get stuff moving faster.