BLC 2009 August 1st

Roll Call, Who is going?

John Ando
Who else is going?

I’m goin!

I think I might be going.

Not sure yet.

added ;D

Wait I thought that I would be back by then.
Sorry. Take me off the list.


me and gon-yo:D
i think kim is going
ryan gee and guy wright
i will add more if i can think

50% Chance I’m going.
Tyler is more than likely going to be there.

YESSSS i am going to BLC hey does anybody know if they’ll have Dv888 yoyo over there

yes they will and add john ando btw

It’s on my brother’s birthday!

Hey j4dude I am going! Can’t wait to see everyone there! I am going to try a C13 there, and get my dv888 fixed/replaced.

Put my dad and John Ando up there.

Same chance as Juan.

I am a 99% chance that I am going

Same pretty much

Around 75-80% chance im going. Lets hope the guys at work arent such jerks and will let my dad have the day off :stuck_out_tongue:

im going

It’s SR.

Oh hey do you guys know if I can pick up a case there at BLC for a cheap price? I wanted a YoYoSam bag, but then I found out I was going to the contest… so I want one there as like a souvenier. And the problem is my brother has one and he never uses it but he doesn’t let me use it. So do you know if they have cheap yoyo bags there?