Who's going to nationals!

I’ll be there! And I’ll be trading!

I am going, and competing… so really I should be practicing right now, not on YYE.


I’ll be there and NOT trading!!

(Seriously, don’t ask. Nothing is for sale or trade on me. I am gong to buy a few items perhaps though.)

Oh man I REALLY want to go this year, I’m planning the sickest 3A routine. If you here the announcer call “Elijah Tan” go watch it

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If you don’t sell that summit…

I guess im probably going.

dude I know!!! Somebody buy it so I can go! It’s only at $75 on eBay right now

ill buy it from you at nationals :wink: haha

it could make or break my trip

I want that so bad… Have the cash, but it’s for my new computer…

I can’t afford airfare :frowning: I really want to go though!

I will be in attendance.

I’ll be there

Possibly but I am not sure. If I can find a ride with someone traveling south on I5 to the contest it will be way more likely I will go.

Where do you live?

I believe he lives near Ashland OR. I met him there like a year and a half ago on a school trip

I shall make an appearance!

I shall be there in spirit

My spirits busy that weekend, I’ll be cutting of an ear and sending it instead.

I work in Ashland, I live in Medford, Oregon. They are around 2 hours north of Chico.

Ha cool I met you here at the festival? I think you might be the first person I have talked to at work that was also on the forums. :slight_smile: