Nats, any one else/ official count down to Nationals!

I know nats is coming up, is any one going for sure? Im so psyced! Super duper ready! ;D

Ill be there!


im going

Just registered!

Maybe. Most likely not though.


yo quiero nats :]

So are any of you guys going to be competing?
Just curious.


I am going.
I am not competing.

need to work on my 4a

I’m doing the ladder, Im gonna loose! :smiley: :smiley:

I know I am going for sure. I can’t wait any longer. See you there!

Ok, if any one wants to dedicate a place and time for a YYE get together at Nationals, just put it here!

bad news
my mom change her mind and decided I can’t go :‘( :’( :‘( :’( :cry:
oh well

im not going but im competing

Umm… you kinda have to go to nationals to comepete at nationals. And, did you qualify in one of the regionals? If you didn’t, you can’t compete.


Ok, if we all meet out side the National Yo-yo museum on friday, at… say 5 PM? Like right out front. I’ll be wearing a dressy shirt that looks like a big tangle of string! ;D

what about those who just drive up on Saturday?

I don’t know, what about it?

I am coming up on Friday, btw.