bill lebowitz classic

who is coming to it :smiley:

Most likely I’ll be there.

Whats that?

A YoYo Contest in L.A


Also, here’s the website for anyone interested:

Does anyone wanna take me? :smiley:

ima be there also.

I’ll be there too.

Im going.

hmm…will you be competing?

I’m pretty sure he said he’s going to be competing here and at Redondo, too.

haha awesome!

If I have never been to any competitions, can I still enter this in the rookie division? I have read the rules for it but the last part about seeding makes me confused about the contest.

No need to worry about seeding. Seeding is for Nationals. Yes, you can enter in the rookie division.

Ill compete at BLC, but Yoshi told me their might not even be a Redondo contest.

Seriously? :o

Do you know why not?

WHAT??!!?? :o

That sucks, I hope there is a Redondo Contest.

He said because Ben isn’t going, and it will cost Ben and Annie alot more money. (The owners.)

Hmmm…Maybe if they had a competitors fee…like say $5?