BLC 2012

Any info at all on BLC 2012? Thanks.

Is there even going to be a blc this year?

I’ve been wondering the same thing…

Last I talked with Mark he said that he was inable to have the contest during the summer due to the fact that hes GETTING MARRIED??? so hes planning on hosting the contest around september i believe and thats about all i can tell you cause thats all that pretty much has even been planned

Mark just told me today that the date is confirmed to be september 15.


Is it too early to know what the judging/contest system is? Or is he going to use one from BAC/Cal States?

And is it going to be at the Lab in Costa Mesa like it has been in past years?

Thanks a bunch!

Congrats Mark!! :wink:

Can’t hardly wait to go… always a good time! I just hope it moves back to Plummer Park in Hollywood area! Loved that place…

BLC is awesome! I really hope it’s happening this year I was looking to bring some people!

I hope it is in pulmer (sp?) park like a couple years back. That is walking distance for me

Seriously? Oh man, I was planning on going to it during August, well, hopefully I can go in September then.

Yup it’s at the Lab. Sorry for the late reply, I was camping all week.

Do you know if its 1a and open or all styles?

I’m pretty sure it’s all styles due to it being a regional contest

Really? September? I thought it’d be around August 11th, that’s what I was told by the guys at DXL.
Aww, I don’t know if I can come…it’d be soo nice though.

Is that any different from BLC? That’s on the date that KuyaChristian mentioned.

Yes, it’s a different contest.  That’s the DXL Battle, and a different contest from BLC.  It’s on August 11th.  Last year though, BLC and DXL Battle were combined into one contest.  This year they’re doing them separately though.

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Thats dxl a different contest. Lady year both blc and dxl were held at the same place so save costs for both contests. Dxl is a battler style contest, a totally different style then the normal freestyle competitions.

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DXL is august 11th at the lab in costa mesa

BLC is September 15th and is also at the lab in costa mesa.

Why always at costa mesa? that is like halfway to SD from LA

I miss having BLC at Plummer’s Park…