2013 BLC Yo-Yo Contest (located in Southern California)

Hey everyone! Finally got information about the BLC Contest!!!

What: BLC Yo-Yo Contest (Southwest Regionals)
When: September 14, 2013 9AM-5PM
Where: The Lab, 2930 Bristol St, Costa Mesa, CA 92626

General info:
Prelims freestyles will be 1min
Finals freestyles will be 2min
Judging will follow the 2013 National Yo-Yo Contest Rules
Registration for the contest is open now at theglasslab.com/blc2013 and will close on September 10, 2013 Tuesday night at 11:59pm PST.
Music must be e-mailed to BLCYoYoContest@gmail.com (Please follow the guidelines posted on the website)
Cost to enter first division will be $20, Each additional division will be $15 per division
Please visit the facebook page at facebook.com/BLCYoYoContest, like it, share it, and ask your questions there.

See you all there!

Brian Cabildo
2013 BLC Yo-Yo Contest Organizer


Just a quick update:

We will be having a 1A rookie division this year.

If you are going to compete and haven’t registered yet, please do so soon on the website! http://www.theglasslab.com/blc2013.  Registration closes in less than a week!

If you have already registered, please don’t forget to e-mail your music by September 10, 2013.  Instructions are on the website under the Registration section.

If anyone from the Sacramento area is down to carpool to BLC let me know. I got a truck that is hella good on gas and I’ll drive the whole way.

Hey everyone!
There are a couple people who had problems registering last night due to whatever reasons, so I’m going to leave the registration open for 1 more day! Get your registration and music in because I’ll be closing down the form on the website first thing Thursday morning.

Hope to see you there on Saturday.

Alright everyone,
Here is the list of people who are registered for the BLC Yo-Yo Contest and if we received music from you.  If we are missing music from a division you registered for, there will be a yellow box in the same row as your name.  Please double-check to make sure we didn’t miss anything!  If there are any problems, e-mail us at blcyoyocontest@gmail.com.  Thanks!