Blc 2014

I searched online when and where blc was but I only found last year’s info. Is it the same as last year’s? I’m thinking of going to a contest for the first time (not competing) and I want to learn and know how these events are. It seems like a lot of fun and I want to be a part of it. I don’t know other yoyoers in person so if I go I’m looking forward to meeting a lot of people so don’t be surprised or think I’m weird or anything if I come up to you and introduce myself because I want to meet and know other yoyoers, and possibly be friends. If I go I hope to meet you and I hope you’ll be as friendly as me. :slight_smile:

I assume it’s about the same time of year and you should sign up even if you don’t really want to compete, the entry fee helps support the contest.

It’s now called the West Coast Yo-Yo Championships, and it will be at Disneyland Resort on September 13th!

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Does anyone have any info on blc 2014 it would certainly help thxs :D😃

It hasn’t been released info yet but most likely early September

Pfft who are you :3

Sept. 13

Hey tucker I don’t really know btw I’m going to go yell at Francis for telling me the wrong thing…

Fight, fight, fight!
The crowd chants

I posted it a few days ago on this thread? They changed the name to the West Coast YoYo Championships, and it’s replacing BLC. Still a regional…

Wrong the blc website is its October 25