Just curious if anyone here is going.

Also, what companies will have vendors? I’m hoping General-Yo will be there, I would love to get a KLR.

I went to DXL, and there is a slight chance I might go to BLC, but I don’t think I can this year. I would REALLY love to go though. YYF said they’d be there, and I assume General Yo will be there as usual, too. Let’s just hope for your sake they do in fact have KLR’s available otherwise you are missing out on the greatest yoyoing experience of your life.

Yeah, Gen-Yo is going to be there. I tried Studio42’s KLR, and it was incredible, one of, if not the best yoyo I have ever tried… I liked his skywalker a tiny bit better, but I hated the skywalker’s shape and LOVED the KLR’s shape so I am DYING to get my hands on one.

It’ll be my first competition, I see last year Ty Goldman won, and watching his freestyle, I’m pretty sure I’d be able to place 1st or 2nd in Rookie. So should I try to do the freestyle round? Watching the freestyle round competitors, I’d probably do horribly, so…I’m not sure.

I’m planning on going. Not to compete, just as a spectator. I had planned on attending DXL, but ended up with family coming to town. Hopefully nothing comes up this time–it’ll be my 1st yoyo event!

You’d beast in the Rookie division. You’d win no problem. You’re freaking awesome at yoyoing. I got sixth when I wasn’t even that good and that’s ONLY because I got a knot at the bottom. And it was my trusty Hatrick.

Thanks :slight_smile: I’m actually not that good, I just do the same tricks over and over again to make myself look better…
Anyways I decided to film what I plan as my freestyle.

Ill be going and competing indie in the sponsered freestyle division, while I dont hink I can go toe to toe with the pros I dont think it would be fair for me to compete in the rookie division

We should meet up somewhere.

Yeah you’d freaking dominate in Rookie. Almost to the point where it’s unfair lol

does anyone know when registration will open?

Already opened, you gotta upload your freestyle music by today.

hmmmm how come it still says that it not open yet?
and do i send u a email or something to show that the registration was successful?

You have to click on the pictures.

Sounds good to me, pm me and we could plan something

*UPDATE:, music must be uploaded by Wednesday.
Received this email:

"Wednesday (Sept 12) is the LAST DAY to upload your music. We need to have all music uploaded so we can download it and have it ready to go. If you do not upload your music then we will give you the shuffle.

Other than that: We’ll be opening registration at 9am and closing it at 10am. This year we are severely undermanned so we have no room to mess around. You can leave and come back, but at least stop by, check in and then go get breakfast or something if you aren’t in the rookie division.

This year I’m going to try something: If you know you are going to be late, you can Paypal me your entrance fee and I’ll check you in on Friday. Email this address before Friday if you want this. But if you aren’t there when your name is called (And don’t ask me what time each division is starting, I don’t know and it will probably change) you are out of luck. No refunds, no seconds chances, no going later. You missed the boat. Again, we just don’ t have the support staff to juggle ANYTHING this year and if you’ve been to BLCs in the past you know I was kind of jerk about this stuff when I did have more people than I have this year.

Also, on the “Severely undermanned” note: this year we will be using a judging panel of 3 judges each judging on a scale of 1-100 for all criteria, instead of the 5-person criteria judging panel like we usually have. This does not affect your routine or scoring at all. I’m only bringing it up so that no one is surprised or think it changes anything.

Woohoo! See you Saturday. I hope everyone is pumped!


I didn’t know there was an entrance fee. Anybody know how much it is?

I’ll be going!! I can’t wait, just on Saturday!

And YoyoFactory will be at the Huntington Beach Pier the next day…and Jason Lee is supposed to be with them!

I believe it is $10 per division

If anyone got my 5a final freestyle can u please post it.
Thanks Shannon Jackson