BLC/DXL contest info?

So yeah, I’m going this year, and it’s coming up, but there’s like no info besides the date and that’s it’s going to combined with DXL. So I was just wondering when more info’s coming out. Thanks!

Copied from the BLC event mark made on facebook:

All details are at:​11/

BLC and and DXL battle have merged this year! The BLC has left it’s usual Hollywood home and moved to The Lab in Costa Mesa (home of the DXL battle). Saturday, August 20, 2011. We will start early and have the usual 5 freestyle divisions with 2 minute freestyles plus a Rookie division of 1 minute freestyles and DXL bracket trophy. Prelims are a maybe, depending on number of entries.

This year, after each division, while we change judges and tallying the winners of the division, we will have the top 4 winners of the previous division battle bracket style for the DXL trophy. So that after the final 1A freestyle division the remaining top 4 (2A & 3A will battle each other for that slot) will bracket battle for the DXL trophy.

We’re still trying to lockdown a hotel but from last year’s DXL battle the recommended hotel is
La Quinta Inn John Wayne Orange County Airport
1515 S. Coast Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626-1529

man. i cant go this year. :frowning:

A new thing we’re trying with the BLC this year is that we will let you choose the order you go up to do your freestyle.

When you sign up you can choose your preference on when you go up within your division: “Early”, “Middle” or “Late”. Then when we generate the schedule, the earlier you have your music uploaded the more priority you get.

This means that if you want to go first and you’re the first person signed up with your music uploaded, you’re going first on the day. If 2 people want to go first, then the first guy who got his music uploaded goes first and the second guy is bumped to next.

It’s kind of like isle, middle or window on a plane. We’ll try to accommodate you, but we won’t be able to accommodate everyone and the soon you are signed up and have your music uploaded, the higher on the priority list you are when the system starts figuring out the order.

Just a hint…