Save the date... DXL Battle Championships August 19-21

Southern California will be the place to be after Worlds!

3 days of madness:

Knott’s Berry Farm
All Day BBQ
Pocket Circus
DXL Battle

More information coming soon

So long away! :frowning:

Can’t wait! :slight_smile:

yey im in southern california

I want it back in june
well hope it turns well like last time

how much is it to get in??? and what time can you go there?

here is the result and page from last year
hope this gives u an idea

Yay! :slight_smile:

where is this at excatly?

I believe he said Knott’s Berry Farm (if that’s where it is at)

Knott’s Berry Farm is just one day. The actual DXL Battle is held at a different place.

Yoshi told me that is the date of BLC as well…he said it wasn’t official but would most likely be on that day.


Yup. I was at Redondo recently and I asked him if he knew anything. He said most likely the weekend after worlds. BLC is a 2 day contest so both days…

Wait when is BLC, and where in southern california I wanna try to make it.

DXL Battle, I believe, will be held at this outdoor mall called The Lab in Costa Mesa. Where it was last year. Best to go off of what glasseye says though when all the info is out. Knotts is a couple days before the contest, then the bbq and stuff, then the contest on its own day.
BLC will be held on June 26. I’m guessing the same place (L.A./west hollywood area?, I forget…). McBride hasn’t released all the info yet though, so…

Same day would have been like OMG!!! Which one do I go to!!!

Anthony is correct in all his info! BLC will be on June 26 at the usual place in Hollywood unless the venue is unavailable. The DXL Battle will be from August 27-29. The actual battle will take place on the 29th, but you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the events going on as well. We’re expecting international players this year so it’s gonna be even better than last years!

Oh snap!

Yay. :smiley:

Were in school on DXL :frowning: