DXL Battle Championships 2010 Orange County, CA

Hey Guys, got some information up on the website.  We should have a really good turnout this year.  Several international players are expected to be in attendance!  I’ll be adding more information as it comes in.


Also, if you’re in the Southern California area this Saturday, please come and hang out at the Puzzle Zoo in Costa Mesa and Santa Monica.  Check http://www.theglasslab.com/?page_id=1038 for more information and the address.

Hope to see you guys there.

im going to the puzzle in SM tomarow and hey do you know when your gonna have the next meet in cerritos?

YES!!! :smiley:

Hey Josh, I think we’ll be having the next yo-yo meeting either on July 10th (but later in the afternoon) or on July 17th. I’ll post it up on theglasslab.com once the date of the meeting is set.

ok thanks ima go ;D
lol like 3 people have called me josh in the past 2 days lol its Joseph lol

Whoops! Sorry! ;D

Hey Glasseye, you gonna have 2nd meet in july? I cant make it on the 17th but if u had on later in the month i couyld go to that one

2nd meet?
wasn’t there more than 2 already?

r u comin 2 worlds

eric, dont they have 2 a month?

I can’t wait for this contest, I am so excited to compete and epically loose to all the profesionals! :smiley:

Lol I’m not competing. Not till I get better.

which one of you guys if going to the knotts berry farm thing

Thursday right? I might it all matters.

^ yea and im going for sure though

I am goin to the comp, probably the BBQ too, but not to Knotts Berry Farm. :wink:

i know u had some dxl yoyos at the contest ru goin 2 sell some

Can’t wait for it! Hopefully I can pick up a new yoyo there, and maybe trade some of my other yoyos! :slight_smile:

~James Reed!

im going to the battle, and maybe the BBQ