Anyone going to DXL?

How many of you guys are going to DXL this year? I’ll be there!

More info for those interested in attending-

Looking forward to seeing you guys and trading and all that good stuff!  :slight_smile:

I’m planning on it. Looking forward to seeing my first yoyo event, and meeting a bunch of throwers IRL. Also hoping to get to try out yoyos I’ve never seen yet.

Not sure. I’m dependent of some checks coming in to be able to travel, and if all goes as planned(not as it should), I won’t be able to make it since the checks will be a few days late(after being over 45 days late already).

It seems it would be worth checking out.

Anyone else going?

I’ll be there and I should be judging.

Hope to see you guys there!

I want to compete in a battle format tournament so badly, lol. Wish I could be there.

I’m going. Not sure if I will compete, but I will at least be there.

Anyone else?

Im going to bump this thread more often as this contest is approaching… So, is anyone else going?

Also, if you are going, and would like to sell some throws, PM me too.

Nope, no one else is going.

I was planning a mini-vacation that would have put me not only in the area, but reserving part of Saturday to attend this event.

Unfortunately, a client, which is typically late to pay, is, as per typical, late to pay, and hence I had to cancel my mini-vacation, and hence my going to DXL.

This doesn’t quite sound like the type of question I might be interested in, but I’d sure like to check it out and see how it operates. I might like it! Either way, the concept sounds like tons of fun.

I’m going

DXL is fast approaching. Who else?

Make sure you guys pick up a General-Yo while you guys are there! God Bless - Moefv

Only after I get mine… lol


Haha! Nice to know you like General-Yo’s! God Bless - Moefv

Guys. It’s tommorow. lol

Well, looks like my DXL plans have been nixed. Family came to town. See y’all at BLC.