Any more info on DXL?

Is there?
How do I get in contact with Glasseye?

Not yet. Patience…I’m waiting for more info as well, though.

This should go in the Contest section.

Ok. I will move this to contests now.

im goin, yoyofactory is gonna be there!

go on to the dxl site and email them.

Do you know if CLYW will be there?

I guarantee you they will not be there, only YYF and Born Crucial.

where did you get all this info?

I got some info!

I will not be attending. :frowning:

Cool, thanks.

So you won’t be there or just won’t compete.

Won’t be there.

Darn, I wanted to see you, oh well.

Oh yeah, just one more question, will there be different divisions?

Nope, Yoshi told me there won’t be 2A, so I doubt there will be other divisions.
So I guess Tyler will only do 1A. :smiley:

COUGHYuuki will winCOUGH

coughi agree 100%cough

oh yeah, general yo will be there 2.

Sorry, I meant like begginner, intermidiate, advanced, etc…