DXL 2nd Annual Battle thing

Whos going? Im goin possibly… Any yoyos for sale there?

A ton of people are coming… I might, I don’t know yet. Anyways, there will be alot of vendors there selling yoyos. All the information you need is up at: http://dxlbattle.com/2010/

Hope I helped!

Woa! I didn’t know how close I was to that! If I can, I am definitely going!

im mostly interested in YYJs and PLastic YYFs cuz i have a budget of like 25… cuz im waiting for my investment to work.

Im going, hoping to pick up a electric daisy and another no9.

If I’m not carpooling with Matt, I’m riding with Justin and Jason.
Yeah… I’ll be there. So will General-Yo with quite a few products. :wink:

I might come depending on when I go to LA, I will go near the end of the month though, when the DXL Battle happens, and then I’ll go!!!

How much are you guys going to be selling? When do you think you will sell out?

Yeah, what will you be selling there. I really wanna know.

Yay! I might go! I’M SO EXCITED!!! So see you guys there if I go!

If I go, I don’t know if I am or not, I wanna see you there. :wink:

Remember, Yoyoexpert Meetup :wink: We need a time and location though… I probably wont get there until 2 or 3

Cameron and Dawson are carpooling with me.

Are you General-Yo cats planning to be there all 3 days?

Well, can me Justin and Jason carpool with you too? lol

When we sell out is up to the buyers. :wink:


Maybe samad, i gotta ask.

Ok. But don’t ask your dad. XD

i feel so left out all the way in chicago :’(

anyone can compete? then i will try. darn i need to get a routine fast.

how far is it from Los Angeles? i dont want to have to drive a full hour. if it is 30-60 min i am only comming the last few days. if it is less than i will go to knots.