Ohio State Yoyo Contest

The Ohio State Yoyo Contest is only one month away!

Who is going?



Anybody else?

I’ll be there

ill be there


Not sure if I’m going now. I may have to serve at a wedding.

But anybody else?

Ill probably be going

What vendors are usually there. Need to know where my money will new going lol

Bump, just so people can know who is going. Turns out I can’t go for sure. Even if I ended up not going to that wedding I have a cross country meet on that day.

This happens a lot when I have plans to go to contests. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey I run cross country too! Oops, to put something on topic, I too would like to know if vendors will be there and which ones.

Im going, working on some stuff for a routine… last year duncan was there, as was highspeed yoyo, they were selling their cases, evil yos, and toxic string. Im almost certain duncan will return but i dont know if anything will replace highspeed yoyo. Brett will be there though, probably just to hang out and shtuff

Man I want to pick up a couple new throws. Hopefully I can

Maybe me :slight_smile:

I’ll be there for sure. Just going as a spectator though.

I was gonna go but work won’t give me the time off.


Cant wait to see all you guys there!
YoYoExpert is driving their contest van over and will have a vendor table (Duncan too!). For more info visit http://www.ohioyoyo.com