BLC 2010


Going for sure. It’s gonna be epic!

wow i am going. i feel nervious though. wierd. i dont get stage fright. but i guess that is for preforming. this is an actual contest.

done, register and music

I still need my Preliminary music… what to choose…


Samad can you hang out like friday since school is out? I need to get together a routine

Yeah probably.

And I may not be able to compete… I broke my foot.

Now I have a chance of winning!

EPIC FAIL! How though seriously? Dude your Samad! The Samad! You don’t need feet!

now I have to go rival style with david ung again

Sorry to hear that. You should still compete though! Well, depending on where and how bad your leg is broken. Be like Kentaro and stand on one foot while resting your other leg on a chair…and win. haha. Gee, Kentaro is ridiculous. In a good way. But seriously, if you did that it’d be pretty awesome.

Lol, luckily it’s the toe. I started practicing anyway. I decided to still compete. Thanks Anthony.


will there be any b grade no 9??

yeah what yoyos are you guys looking forwart too at blc?
ministar and no. 9 if they have them

Ernie is selling Ministars there for sure.

Ernie is selling b+ grade at blc, Im sure. I heard it from Samad…
But Im not sure on no9 I wish they sell one…

Im probably going, but not competing. (I am still a beginner :D) Is it free to get in?