SoCal Contest (If it gets up again)--Whos going?

So, which one of you people are going to the SoCal YoYo Competition, if Patrick Mitchell and the other person gets it up.

I’m pretty sure its gonna happen, as they said that they are ow working on final issues, so, yeah.

Also, anyone know if YYJ is one of the sponsors for the contests

hey were is it held at.,42419.0.html

Well how’d it go?

I think it went well. :wink:

sorry im bringing this post back but will this happen in 2010? I only herd about this one one day after it happened but I wasnt that good back then anyway.
but will it happen in 10

Chances are it will. However, it will most likely not be in Stanta Barbara. Try coming down to BLC though!

well thats good cause that was pretty far north but wheres BLC
(im not the person who understands abreviations)

ITs the Bill Leboweitz Classic

I’m not sure I spelled that right. It’s like So caLs version of a bootleg BAC lol…

It’s awesome and super fun you should go…


Blc is in west hollywood, and im going >:D