Black Friday

Who’s excited for this years mystery pack? I know I’m excited to get my hands on one. Does anybody know what time they start selling them?

YYE will announce it, just look for it.

I think black Friday is stupid, they’re doing it on Canada now too. Christmas is a religious holiday, not a consumer frenzy.

Well when you really think about it Christmas was stolen from the Greeks, so now it has just been stolen again by retailers lol

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Disappointed that other companies whom I can’t mention won’t have a mystery pack

If only CLYW had a mystery pack… I would be all over it!

What does Black Friday have to do with Christmas? Christmas is 43 days away, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving in the US - I agree that having Black Friday in Canada on the same day doesn’t make much sense. The whole thing is meaningless anyway since many stores now stay open on Thanksgiving and start sales early, and don’t get me started on “Cyber Monday” :slight_smile:


Oooh somebody said “religion”.

Banned, deleted, banished!


I actually don’t mind Cyber Monday, because it’s not bloated and ridiculous like Black Friday is. You can actually get good deals on CM. BF used to have some good deals, but nowadays there are only really a few “good deals” that attract droves of people, whom then end up buying something else because they’re already at the store and didn’t get one of the 3 good deals in stock. Also, the “good deal” is usually of really crappy quality, and the stores will gradually raise prices on the actual good products leading up to BF, so that they can put it “on sale” at the same price they had it a month before. So people get to the store, find that the good deal is out of stock already, but “hey, this TV is on sale too, can’t pass that up!” And end up paying pretty much full retail.

Cyber Monday is where it’s at. But even with CM, everybody should be checking prices on stuff for a few weeks leading up to CM. That way, you aren’t suckered into buying something due to a phony sale on an inflated price.

But that’s not what this thread is about. I’m looking forwards to YYE’s sale. I probably won’t buy anything unless there’s a mystery pack though. And if there is a mystery pack, I hope it’s actually a mystery and not everybody gets the same 2 throws. I loved getting the Cypher and Popstar so cheap… But there wasn’t much mystery to my package arriving, especially once the first person to get theirs confirmed the contents.

Sam is thinking of boxing day.

This thread is about Mystery boxes not black friday. Go make a haters thread to bash on that.

I am pumped for them!

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Black Friday only has 1 thing to do with Christmas. Black Friday is recognized as the first day of the ‘Christmas Shopping Season’. < so being that Thanksgiving is Always observed on a Thursday; retailers decided to borrow the term to specifically identify that first shopping day after Turkey Day.

This may be an Urban Legend, but it sounds logical > supposedly, some retail stores would state that up until the ‘Christmas Shopping’ started; that they had not yet made it into the Profit Column for the year.(Stores call no profit mode, 'In the Red)

But found out that if they made some Markdowns on inventory; that they could/would draw in enough business to generate them into a Positive state.(Known as 'being in the Black)

Other people say that the meaning was slightly twisted from one of the Original meaning. The Term used to be used, decades ago, in Philadelphia, to describe the Total mess of cars and pedestrian traffic; on the first day of shopping after Thanksgiving. < A Black Day (grim)

Black Friday has no other tangible connection with Christmas.

My information was derived from a Concrete source of factual information. I read everything I told you in a hard covered book, signed by the writers, themselves: the Wicked Witch(repping for Halloween), Santa look ma no hands Claus(pretending to have something to do with Christmas), and the Easter Bunnies(pretty empty Easter without them, no doubt) Actually, the Bunnies just rolled out Bunny paw prints.

Besides getting a good deal on Yoyoexpert Black Friday; the only other thing good about Black Friday, is that it is a Great opportunity to go to Walmart and find out if you are actually as good as your Martial Arts Instructor, tells you, you are. 8 Xboxes,10 people? Somebody is goin down for a 10 count. Lady, is that a can of Mace? If it is; can you spray a shot or two on these Food Court Nachos? And then I will Cagematch you for that Choke Me Elmo Doll. Whoop! Flying Arm Bar! Lady down on aisle 5!

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I’m behind pretty much anything that gets me a day off work. ;D

I am looking forward to the sale/mystery boxes this year. I have a $50 voucher (which I’m hoping won’t have expired by then), so I’m ready and waiting to blow a tonne of cash on some shiny new throws. :slight_smile:

And yet the title of the thread is “Black Friday”. Funny that…


Heck I’m going to get one, why not?

all you black friday/religious folks why not start a blog and keep that stuff off the yoyo forums?


we need some other smileys…

Very true but your missing the point of his post. Where in The OP’s first post dooes he say… " Hey Guys Give me your opinions on blackfriday cause I really want to know them"?

I was talking about here on Canada how on ‘black Friday’ it just becomes a marketing and consumer frenzy. I am excited for mystery boxes though!

lol that too

What do you mean; ‘it becomes’ a marketing and consumer frenzy? That was/is exactly the intension.

It doesn’t become that. That was the Plan. The Stores just throw out some, ‘Sucker Bait’ discount items and the dummies go nuts. And now the retail ‘brick and Mortar’ stores, try even harder; since so many people just shop online, now.

People save, ‘Stupid points’ up All year, in a Jar. And then on Black Friday; they put on their Riot gear, pack a few cans of Mace, snort some Red Bull or Starbucks; and open their can of Stupid; on the way to the Mall.

Personally, I don’t get caught up in Any Black Friday craziness. Ever. There is nothing I want or need that bad.

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I think the first couple of years when black friday was new there really were some great deals out there. Now there is nothing out there unless your the first people through the door. Might as well play the lottery. Its a shame how big business has made it such a sham. But hey, they know people will come no matter what and people do go crazy for black friday.

I know my wife and her mother love going out on black friday. If you enjoy it, more power to you, I’m not gonna hate big business or the people who love to shop. To each their own.

As far as the mystery boxes go, I couldn’t be more excited for them. I have been thinking about them for months and really think that I will continue to get a mystery box every year until they stop doing them. Its fun, exciting, and no matter what you get, the lowest end box, or the big one everyone wants, you are still a winner.