Black Friday: compare, contrast, cringe


This gets worse and worse every year. It just shows an overall lack of values I think. Nothing is immune.

First, YoYoExpert is not immune to the Black Friday insanity. The YYF Mystery Boxes sold fast, doing the typical "selling out in minutes. All the pushing and shoving was handled my computers, routers and switches. I wanted to get one, but I couldn’t get to the bank and pop some money in my account, so I no choice but to skip this. I also couldn’t get to the bank Friday to try to take advantage of some of the discount offerings, but hey, that’s life. I simply refused to leave the house to get to a store on Black Friday.

My wife went to Old Navy to get the kids some jeans, but there was a massive line, and having just come back from Disneyland, we were all sick of standing in lines. She just decided to bail on getting the pants.

So, as you can tell, this is about Black Friday.

People line up outside of stores for a week. Tents, generators, it’s just insane. Stores open SUPER early and then people rush inside. People are robbing each other inside the stores and outside the stores. People have quite literally DIED in these rushes. Did you hear about the lady spraying pepper spray to get some video games?

I gotta wonder about this a bit. I know that Christmas isn’t universally accepted on the planet. It has been adopted in many areas where the meaning of the holiday has no meaning. It is now getting rather apparent that the holiday itself has little meaning anyways. Does the rest of the world go through this insanity? How is America viewed?

Now, I’m not knocking the sales of Black Friday. Last year, I scored a deal on an Alesis VideoTrak, which honestly I feel it was worth the insane Black Friday price, not the regular retail price. But, I just refuse to hit the stores in person and I did it via the internet on Guitar Center. I thank YYE for making some great sales and things like the Mystery Box available. At least YYE has a degree of separation from this insanity since if I understand it correctly, you don’t operate as an actual walk-in brick and mortar store-front. However, I’m sure YYE is going to be sending a big stack of priority mail boxes out this weekend!

I’ll just hope there are some specials here and there. I have to do my christmas shopping late. I gotta see how far I can get the kids going and buy them some “upgrades” here at YYE. I’ll take my chances!


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