Black Friday: What have you bought?

I’m interested as to what people are buying with these great sales.
I personally picked up:
Yoyo Officer Aura (Blue and Silver wash)
YYSL Ammo (Fusion Fuchsia)
YYSL Venom (Butane Flame)
Blueprint strings 100 pack (Neon yellow)

Cost me a grand total of $68 shipped i believe

So you what have you bought so far or are planning to buy?

To quote myself from a previous thread.

I didn’t get anything from here, I found an amazing deal elsewhere.
A green and white Aeroyo Turbofly
A blue C3 Speedaholic
A black ZanNavi counter weight
Which added up to $21.77+$13.00 shipping for a grand Total of $34.77

Yybb blank space shirt
100 kitty fat


I’ve been adding to my collection all year. Due to the late paying client, I am once again behind on bills. I know, sounds like a broken record.

Only “must have” I will have my eyes peeled for is the AL7 Quake. If it arrives Cyber Monday, then so be it. If it is or isn’t on sale, I will still buy it. If shipping is or isn’t free, it will make no difference.

So, for me, no black friday purchases.

YYE’s sales this year have been nothing short of amazing. I strongly suggest to any, this is the time to buy!!

chik - purple
supernova - red/silver crossetts
YYF mystery box
YYBB bundle box


2 YYF Mystery Boxes and a purple/pink 86400.

And a Kate Spade wallet for the missus.

Just a mystery box

-YYBB Mystery Bundle Box
-US Astrojax Shirt and SnapBack
-YYA Lucky Bag


Nuthin :stuck_out_tongue:

Analog Berry Summit and a Sweets aTack! Pumped to try some Kendama

A bunch of stuff from YYE. A few mystery boxes, a few kendamas, a few velvet bags, a blue Blood Brother 2, and finally…that second Ricochet. I’m so happy to finally check those yo-yos off my list. It really does complete my list of wants for the year, so I’m very happy.

Well…except one thing, but that’s not in stock at this time. :wink:

Yoyo factory mastery box x 2,


!!!Anglam cc!!!

A Brisk Lemonade.
Some poutine.

Nothing, because I saw this on a certain yoyo blog:

“Black friday is such an untrue day to buy yoyos at. Good deals are for hypejunkies and copycats. By the way, I miss Extremespin. (But you hypeinfested midgets are probably not true enough of throwers to even remember that store)”

Actually, my response to that was:HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

I still bought nothing though. I have no $, plus my birthday is in a week, so I’m sure I’ll get yoyos then.

2014 Demarini Voodoo #baseballswag. I got it for $10 less than half off

Also, I just picked up a Dragonslayer quake, 2 raider Ex’s, and a fiesta

A heartbreak Sakura SE, a Fiesta XX, Side Effects, and 100 string of Fat Kitty. All for under under $85 :wink:

I finally picked up a Deadly Spins Wrath!