Big Nick in Nrothstar worth for getting rid of the vibe?

My Northstar has had vibe since I took the Center Trac out and replaced it with a 10ball. Today I decided to tune it.

To tune, you screw the axle in all the way then real ease quarters. On a NS when you screw it in “all the way” you get this…

I got rid of the vibe, and got this.

Do you think it was worth the big nick to get rid of the vibe? Or would you rather have dealed with the vibe?

Is there a way to get rid of this??

I got the same thing and yea it’s worth it plus it gives it some character ,now you have a nub for horizontal play

That’s a Shaqlerstar by the way, not a Northstar.

I say it’s worth it! I would totally love a smooth damaged throw than a perfect one with vibe!

haha im pretty sure they are exactly the same except different caps :wink:

On a plastic like the North/Shaqlerstar, I’d take smoothness over cosmetics any day of the week because it’s there as a player and something that’s likely to pick up a few nicks and scratches from being a daily carry anyway.


Its a Shaqler edition Northstar. The only reason why they callit the Shaqler star is because it makes sence. Unlike a Shaqloop. So since Saqloop dosent make sence it’s a Shaqler edition Loop 900. Just like the victor protostar, if they could they might call it the Victorstar.

I will let you know now, this happend to my shaqlerstar. After about a month, the plastic on the nub will crack, even if you lossen it. Ive yet to find out if it cracks bad enough to make a hole.

Ughhh. The nut should be a nut that stops the axle. Not one the axle can go through.

They’re identical, but it’s still called a “ShaqlerStar”, not a “Shaqler Edition Northstar”:

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Its called a Shaqlerstar but it is a Shaqler color/designed Northstar.

That nub is normal for northstars. Mine has one too.

No, it is a rebranded and rebadged yoyo identical in form factor to what used to be called the Northstar. It is a Shaqlerstar. It’s in black and white in the product listing. :wink: It’s totally fair to say “Yeah, it’s identical to the Northstar; I guess they just rebranded it,” (which is true), but it’s not a Northstar anymore.

O wait, if the regular Northstar was still around it would be a Shaqler Edition. So in this case the Northstar is discontinued and replaced with the Shaqler star? I get it now…

Pfffffft, “identical”. It’s 0.5 grams heavier ya turds.

Hmmm, what’s it got extra…

Who you calling a turd? A comeback you be AFLIYNTRD!

i dont know if any of you noticed but… the northstar was never discontinued, it was rebranded like GregP said. I’m also pretty sure that the rebranding was only a response to the LEGEND(duns brocoli,dinkenface,jensen kimmitt…)leaving yoyofactory. yyf wanted to keep the product on the market but also wanted ro remove jensen’s name from it. hense…the shaqlerstar and NOT the nothstar.

and my northstar did this to. there are pieces within the yoyo that are ment to stop the axel but they suck…[so uhm…try turning a half or the whole yoyo back and forth without it spinning. you will probably notice a slight clincking or rataling sound.that might also be why they get so loud].

Come at me, bro!

Make that 2 Curls hand to make a fist

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