shaqlerstar and northstar


I know they are the same yoyo but does one play better than the other?

If someone who has experience with both and can chime in that’d be great.

I’d much rather get a north star but I think the shaqlerstar is newer so it might be better??? Hah Idk like are the materials the same? As I said I know its the same yoyo but just wondering if there’s pros/cons for either model.


The Shaqlerstar seems to have resolved the cracking issue found in some of the earlier Northstar runs. Other than that, they pretty much play the same.



They are exactly the same thing, just different colors/logo. I would say go for the Shaqlerstar just because some of the old Northstars have vibe and cracking issues and you run the risk of getting a faulty one. With the Shaqlerstar, you get the same exact feel and performance of a Northstar but dead smooth right out of the box (at least in my experience). I love my Northstars, I’ve owned 2, but the Shaqlerstar is definitely the smoothest. Also, I’m not even a fan of blue, but the blue color of the Shaqler looks amazing in sunlight, you can almost see straight through it.

All in all, though. Same yoyo, different look.


Yeah that’s what I was thinking. Thanks for the help :slight_smile: