North Star

I am going to guess that the North Star has been discontinued since Jensen Kimmitt moved to CLYW.

So, what yoyos are similar to it? How about the ShaqlerStar?

The Shaqlerstar is a Northstar, just with different colour/graphics. Shape/weight/Specs are all the same.

Yoyofactory said on their that they might be making more Northstars next year I believe, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Oh, and obviously the Protostar is simply the lighter version of the Northstar (1g or so lighter I believe).

I’ve been told by YYF we will see a new run of NorthStars at the beginning of 2014. Not Shaqulerstars but NorthStars. Yay.

Oh and there are a few other slight adjustments between Northstar and Protostar besides weight. I know one of them is there is a Midwall on the Northstar. Can’t remember what else.

I have been able to find original blue Northstars in certain corners of the internet, but I haven’t seen them in a while

I personally think that the Shaqlerstar’s look bad

I have a ShaqlerStar. I really like the colors. It’s almost dead on to the North Star. JusT little, Minuscule differences.