Northstar out of production?

Is the YYF Northstar out of production? Meaning when the last of this batch sells out they will no longer be made?

I think this is a temporary thing.

The story goes YYF made some announcement about the Northstar being cut off. I think they are just rebranding it the “ShaqleStar” or something like that as part of their Champions series(which includes other renamed throws and some new designs).

I get the impression this will be a 1 year run, then the Northstar will make a comeback. I could be wrong. Thank goodness I have a Northstar.

I thought it was gonna be called shaqlerstar. on this pic on facebook, it looks like a northstar to me

The shaqlerstar is indeed the same specs as the northstar. there was another thread about this last week where ben was talking about it

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it is not part of our every day line but we still intend to keep it available. The Shaqler edition in Champions Collection will ensure it remains available in 2012.

i think you can buy shaqlerstars at the(hint: opposite of fast foward ) store

When i played the shaqler star it played different than my regular northstar

its the same yoyo dude. maybe you were playing a lemon or its the good old placebo effect.

I played a shaq star and it was so much smoother and faster than my northstar. Although my northstars are crap.