Northstar Being Discontinued?

I just wanted to know if anyone else knew about this. I wonder what the reasoning was behind this.

Where did you hear this from? I’m just curious.

YYF does not show ALL their product on their web site. The Northstar is on it. They may simply be removing Jensen Kimmitts name from it.

They do have a lot of other products coming out. However, both the Northstar and Protostar are rather popular yoyos. I do think the Protostar is probably outselling the Northstar but I have no clue as to what margin.

This just makes me feel even better that I already have a Northstar.

They have already removed Jensen’s name from it, actually. Possibly certain colors like yellow (and possibly orange) might be discontinued seeing as only blue and green are on the market, but don’t quote me on that. (:

EDIT: The ShaqlerStar is the same as a Northstar anyways with a different color scheme, which should be releasing with the YYF Champions Collection at the end of summer.

Northstar was not featured in our catalog or produced in 2012. We are carrying no inventory in our warehouse for USA markets. Stores were made aware of this any many did stock up, which is why there has been regular supply. Just because it isnt a regular line item does mot mean it will not be made available, The upcoming Champions Collection does feature the ‘Shaqlerstar’ as it has been dubbed which is built to the same specs as a Northstar. This should be in stores Early September.

I asked Andre when they’d have yellow or orange ones in stock, and he said they had been discontinued, for those who asked.

Well, my impression from YYF Ben is that they are simply rebranding it for a bit. The odds are that good based on what YYF Ben said that this will be coming back, maybe in a year or so. Keep in mind that the Neon series is vanishing as they have discontinued those, which are mostly re-branded from other YYF models. The Starbright is the only "original’ design, and it’s merely a lighter Protostar/Starlight, where-as they also have/had a neon Protostar.