Is the shaqlerstar a northstar?

Seems to have all of the same specs.

Yes, it is the exact same thing as the Northstar but it was changed so it would be for Team Shaqler. :slight_smile:

not true at all when I had my shaqulerstar I realized all it was is a north star with more weight so all it has is the shape. Which does not make it a north star.

It might have seemed like it has more weight. The brain is a funny thing. It is identical to the Northstar.

Yes - Actually, it’s quite interesting… They are exactly the same thing!

^^^ This. There are indeed the same. If the specs are the same how can one weigh more?

Altered weight distribution

Altered distribution wouldn’t mean it weighs more, though. Just that it plays differently.

However, the Northstar and Shaqlerstar do not have different weight distributions.


Yeah northstar and Shaqulerstar just have different designs on the cap thingy…

They are exactly the same. Although, I would say that Shaqlerstars are less prone to that insane pulse vibe on some Northstars. I’ve had 2 Northstars, and although my Shaqler plays exactly the same, it is definitely the smoothest.