Best WIDE throw

I’m looking for a wide yoyo, so here’s my question. What’s the best wide throw?

I’ve heard that Master Galaxies are the smoothest yoyos ever.

I actually have tried one, but very briefly. From what I remember it was pretty smooth.

X3 Stampede

master galaxy best in my opinion.

Why isn’t the XL on there… =c

Oh, I forgot about that one.

I’ve tried a few. I really, really enjoy the Monster. I put it above the Wet Whistle and Superwide. Slightly less wide, the X^3 Stampede and Crucial A La Mode are fantastic.
Haven’t tried the Master Galaxy or Revenger, so I can’t comment on those.

Does the yoyorec Clashcube count?

I got to try a Wet Whistle at VA States and it was a blast to throw. I can’t comment on any of the others though

I guess it’s pretty wide, but it’s pocket sized. I would still count it though.

Magic YoYo N5

I’m getting a Wet Whistle and a Revenger on Monday!! I wish had them already so I could be a little more helpful. Although, I’ve heard some really awesome things about the Revenger.

Yes, i looooove the stampede

‘wide’ is used pretty loosely.

Some of the yoyos mentioned are almost 1cm wider than others in the list.

Its’ Play Characteristics our simply Outstanding. If you haven’t thrown a Zeus; you are truly missing a Shock; haha.

And once the Yoyofactory Avant Garde 2 comes out; your list will be Obsolete anyways, so I guess for the moment it doesn’t really matter.

All the yoyos on your list are good though. Every one of them. Maybe you should have picked out yoyos that are closer in general width? Just sayin.

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I have an Aoda Miracle. Cost less than $26 SHIPPED.

I love this silly thing. It plays great, is smooth, fun and priced perfect, as I needed a superwide for example and demonstration purposes. I also like the color and decorations. The bearing is decent, but a real KK in there plays much better. I’m gonna be stocking up on some KKs soon because I have a lot of cheap Chinese metals coming in that all use fake KKs. Not all of them are great playing bearings.

But back to the Miracle…
If you’re not sure about the super wide format, this is the way to go. If you don’t like it, you haven’t lost that much. If you do like the superwide format, it’s up to you if you need to upgrade or not. I haven’t felt the need to upgrade yet, but at some point I will, if for no other reason than to add more variety into the collection.

The Miracle IS the Superwide…

The Miracle IS the Superwide…
Actually the specs are different, but basically the same.

I have a wet whistle and super wide. They are amazing!
The wet whistle can be a little hard to whip, but that might be because of my short string.

The spyy revenger is always an option. It is also amazing. I tried a b grade, so I wonder what the regular version is like.

As for the others, I have no idea, but I’ve heard good things about them.

Buy guys,

Actually, my research leads me to say that:

The Superwide IS the Miracle.