Is the Superwide a Novelty or is it actually good?


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More of a novelty.


Its not going to make you a better player thats for sure, right once i saw that in my bag i was sad knowing it was the “nice” throw in the bag :frowning:


i know the monster is EXTREME. superwide? not sure. but they seem to be nearly exactly the same. shape, size, and weight are just a different.


I had a wet whistle for a while. Once you got a feel for it it was pretty cool.


I personally thought the monster was better than the wet whistle


Put it in the subject, as good form has dictated for 30+ years.

So, let me help you:
“Is the Superwide a Novelty or is it actually good?”

Now, let me answer:

It depends on your point of view. I played the Superwide and it was OK. I got the Aoda Miracle, which for all intents and purposes, IS the Superwide. Side by side, I prefer the Miracle better. But, again, preferences. If YYF offers me a B-grade, I’d probably take it.(even if they sold it to me, based on the price.) YYF Ben was saying they had high number of rejects(not even B-grade worthy, but rejects as in “this sucks so hard I can’t put this chunk of crap out for sale”). My solution: Work with a machining plant that understands and actually does quality control and understands the product being produced.

Novelty? That’s always debatable. The reason these superwides aren’t used as much in competition is they require many things, among those being a perfect throw and space. These require a different throw than a regular yoyo, but it can be mastered through practice and really, if it takes you more than 15 minutes to get this, then you probably have other throw issues as well. The other issue is space. Tight string configurations don’t leave a lot of room for this yoyo to move in and out of the strings. Most of this can be compensated for through having the stings move further up your hand, wrist and even arms to open up formations, but that means you have to adjust your whole game significantly to accommodate the yoyo. This may or may not be a bad thing. Bad or good depends on how the player can handle this.

I have a few wide/superwides. The Miracle, the Ten YoYo Wet Whisle, the King Yo Star Hop King. They each bring something different to the table. Depending on how you look at things, these can be serious trainer yoyos or even competition yoyos. I find them for me to be better trainers. The wide design helps me land tricks and start getting things down better, while the wide shape makes me also keep my technique cleaner since wides don’t like sloppy play. So, I have to keep my whole game clean. Once I feel confident, I can move onto my normal sized stuff.

I don’t see novelty being the right word. I think more of “exception to the rule” might be more appropriate. But if you want to use “novelty” as a term to indicate “lower numer of sales and/or units in production and/or circulation”, then I guess novelty works.

What is more popular are “wider than average” yoyos. The YoYoSkeel Stalker is one example of this. The ratios made it wider than an average yoyo, but the familiarity curve is low and you get into “regular” performance quickly. You also don’t really have to adjust any of your regular play elements. These designs I’ve found to be stable and forgiving. Other benefits have been due to them being very well made, so throw in smooth and quality in design being throw into the mix as well.

I think as more people understand what a superwide yoyo can bring to the table, I think sales will increase a bit, making it more feasible for companies to produce. They aren’t going to be for everyone. They aren’t even a favorite of mine. I will tell you I sure am glad I have the ones I have and you can be assured I will consider getting more going forward.

So, if you’re thinking of one of these, I’m not sure if you should jump right in. More so than others, I feel this general shape really needs to be tried out and experienced for a few hours in order to make a qualified decision.

My favorite wide: Ten yoyo Wet Whistle. I have also recently gotten the Hop King, which at first I absolutely hated due to the gunked up flat bearing, but I put a cheap Chinese concave bearing in then the yoyo really opened up. The Miracle I still really like though. All three bring vastly different elements to the game. Each is unique and great in their own way.


This video does a good job of summing it up for the 99% of us who don’t feel like reading that ^^^.


you must be a very fast typer to be able to post like that at least 5 times a day. :wink:


You know, I wonder if it really is slow typing skills that makes people less effective communicators? I don’t mean that in any sort of flamey way at ALL, just genuinely wonder if it’s knowing that hunting and pecking for 10 minutes just to write a short post is an energy drain.

I can type at something well in excess of 100wpm (haven’t tested lately), so long posts mean nothing to me. I can type almost as fast as I can talk (well, if I were talking with deliberation instead of rushing through a phrase).

Consequently, I think I write too much sometimes. And the more the world goes on, the more the “TL;DR” crowd is going to break my spirit. :wink:

Thanks for the run-down, Studio42. I read the whole thing!

(PS, it takes far less than 2 minutes to read the post. :wink: I started watching the video and thought, “TL;DW”)


Novelty lacks function.

Extreme width has function.

Short answers rule!

Is Bind Good ?

I also do anywhere from 10-50 pages of technical writing a day, depending on the need, the task AND the money involved.

This is the time of year nobody seems to want manuals created. I gotta burn it off somehow!


Honestly, I’d like to watch the video, but my ISP is so crappy today, it would take me 3 hours just ti download it.

I’ve copied the link and I’ll download it later and watch it in the morning.


but thats not  a superwide…


I learned how to seasick on a YYF Monster. I think practicing that trick on the Monster enabled me to pick it up much faster than if I had practiced on a normal yoyo. It’s unnerving having the yoyo come directly at your face during seasick. The width of the Monster gave me more confidence to catch the yoyo on the string rather than on my forehead.


I’m pretty sure it was.  I could see on the Gyro he did the profile, and it perfectly matched a superwide.


It might be a monster…but they are almost identical, just the monster is higher quality.

p.s. John Chow is the man.



I suspect the only reason the Monster costs a fair bit more than the Superwide is that production is in the US rather than China. Not entirely worth the price difference in my opinion because YYF’s quality control is outstanding.



I don’t believe any yoyo is a novelty. My kids came home with a yoyo that stored candy in it. It was the super Mario one. I put a poly in it and had fun looping for a few minutes. Had some candy too!
Think of hub stacks, are they a novelty, some would say.


Good horizontal beginner, helps with chopstick tricks and hook tricks