superwide vs yuuksta vs y factor

i hant a new metal and tried only the superwide and i liked it but can i get a better throw for my money my limit is 80 but i also have to buy a bearing removal tool so can u guys help me

I’ve tied the super wide and I’ve owned the yuuksta and the super wide is more for fun the yuuksta is built with competing in mind

well if you looking for a gimmick yoyo, buy the super wide, but if you want a yoyo for playing tricks buy the yuuksta it is fast, undersized and smooth yoyo, but idk about Y factor

From what I’ve seen, the SuperWide is NOT a gimmick yo-yo or just a fun yo-yo. Have you seen what John Chow is doing on the Monster???

i want to start learning horizontal tricks and whips and think the superwide will help and i like the yuuksta and y factor but i dont know if the superwide will really help u with tricks never thought possible

I gotta say, it looks like the SuperWide and Monster are made for horizontal and whip tricks. Wide is good for that stuff!

thanks but i here it doesnt play good from some people on youtube

the yuuksta is smooth and soooooooo amazing!!!

get it

i vote yuuksta!!!

is it good for whips and horizontal


lol yuuksta’s are pwning. the only one that has votes

Yeah, the superwide definitely isn’t just a gimmick yoyo. I had one (for about 10 minutes) and it played pretty well actually. But then I returned it and payed a bit more for a monster :stuck_out_tongue:
which is honestly amazing. it has the biggest catch zone I’ve ever seen.

but it can be a bit difficult to throw. if your throws even a little off, it’ll wobble quite a bit. Great player though. But I still vote for the yuuksta. lol

Superwide: Dont go for the superwide. Its a fun throw, but don’t get it.

Yuuksta: I have one right now. I love it, but it tilts too often even if I have a super stable throw. And its harder to land some tricks.

Y-Factor: This yoyo is beyond amazing. Get it. Its stable, long spinning, perfect shape and size, and its well worth its price.

If I could rate these throws:

Superwide: 6/10
Yuuksta: 8/10
Y-Factor: 10/10


haha its between yuuksta and y factor

Yuuksta for fast play. Y-Factor for both fast and slow play.

thanks gonna order the yuuksta

Really good choice. In my opinion the super wide has to much vibe and the yuuksta is just pure awesomeness.

Yea yea yea yuuksta lol

mine came in the mail today, and wow it’s a great player :slight_smile:
I had tried my friend’s, but I forgot how good it actually was. you definitely chose the right one out of the 3