YYF Monster

hey guys-
so: I currently throw the YYF Superwide, and it’s epic. It’s my favorite yoyo. It spends all day in my holster at my side. The only problem is that it doesn’t sleep for very long, and it’s a bit light. I love wide throws, and unfortunately there aren’t that many good wide yoyos out there. I saw the YYF Monster, though. Just wondering if it’s any good. Is it worth spending 100 bucks, 120 on if I buy the special edition? Keep in mind to tell me:
what its sleep time is?
what its weight is like (heavier or lighter than the Superwide)?
what’s your take on the Monster? Thanks! :slight_smile:

Aoda Miracle is a good choice!

C3 Master Galaxy is a greta choice as well, all the great characteristics of a wide throw.

is it? Does it have good spin times and is it heavy?

I haven’t personally played one but I know they are relatively cheap

The Monster is very slightly heavier than the Superwide. The shape is also a little different. I personally preferred the Monster over the Superwide. It felt a little more solid to me as well as a bit smoother.

Although the extra wide yoyos are often disregarded, I actually find them very useful for learning certain tricks like Seasick and boing-e-boing because it helps having a wide catchzone. The Monster is the yoyo I learned these tricks on.

I would not get the Miracle if you already have the Superwide because they are identical.

Alternatives to consider include the X3 Stampede and Wet Whistle. My personal favorites would be one of those

Get a x3 Zeus or steamroller!

IMO the Monster spins noticeably longer than the Master Galaxy which also feels lighter on the string.

Too wide. Too slow.

Yeah I actually just got a Crucial AYCE so I’m a happy camper.

If your looking for a wide yoyo the Ten Yoyo Wet Whistle is the best on the market

Not nice. Not helpful.

Okay, the Monster is the best throw I’ve ever used. It spins forever, going through my longest combos easily. It is the fastest yoyo I have ever used, letting you go to insane speeds.

Seriously though, whenever I play it, I just think too wide, too slow. The width gets in the way for any sort of complicated tech, and it is too slow for fast, simple tricks. I feel these two qualities combined make it just a meh throw. It is pretty stable, though.

There ya go, I get sick and tired of seeing people ask for help and people giving them meaningless unhelpful answer. Actually help instead of just trying to get your post count up.

get an aoda miracle instead. spins forever, can handle fast stuff as well. and cheaper then both the superwide and monster.

people have told me that it’s identical to the Superwide. Is it not??

The superwide and the miracle have the same shape, but they have completely different specs.
Check out this, it goes a little bit more in details. http://www.yoyoskills.com/?p=6741