The YoyoFactory Monster is Back!


YoyoFactory is going to release some new Monsters in limited quantity pretty soon. It will get a new look. Great news huh? I can get a Monster to match my Cyborg now. :slight_smile:

From @YoyoFactory Instagram:


I was just thinking of this yoyo the other day (sold it long ago)! Love how much control you feel, combined with that float.


I acquired the John Chow version a few months ago, in the YoyoExpert colors, that I was desperately trying to track down. I was so excited when I got it. It’s a great throw, for sure.

This is the Monster stacked up against the recently released Paul Kerbel signature, Horizon:

From @Yoyofactory Instagram:


When I asked them on ask fm about the MONSTER and revisiting the Super G, they told me that the Super G faded in to Shutter which might be why we never saw it improved besides 7075… and that they are rereleasing it along with the MONSTER.

I wish the Monster is cheaper now. To me, it honestly looks like more machining goes into the Horizon than the monster.


It just looks like an extra wide equilateral


I have a super wide I got from the rerelease of the mystery bag. Is there a big difference between the monster and super wide. I play the super wide every once in awhile for something different. I don’t know if I need a monster. Unless you guys say it’s awesome.


Monster is 10x better in my opinion. I didn’t like my superwide too much, but I love playing with a monster whenever I get the chance.


Very interesting. I may have to pick one up if it’s not to spendy.


I lovelovelove wide throws. The monster is by far my favorite. The superwide being my least


I’d like to see John Chow make a comeback with the Monster. He should be back soon. :slight_smile:


I’ll wait and see if they are mass produced in China or not. That new graphic does look good though!


Who cares it doesn’t have the dumb engraving around the edge of the cup.


The YYF Monster is my al time favourite yoyo, i already own 2 and i ll probably grab 2 more! i need that solid blue and one splashed!

release date?


Compared to the Superwide is the Monster wider or narrower? Is it lighter or heaver? Does it spin longer?


The monster looks like it’s made of higher quality aluminum.


I’m going to get a Monster vs. Superwide comparison photo posted up soon. It would be interesting to take a look at them side-by-side. It can be done with photos from the store, but those will not be to scale. So, I prefer to place them side by side and get a shot that way.

I’m guessing more people have tried the Superwide than the Monster. It’s a different price range, and I think I’ve seen more Superwides around. :-\


The monster plays 100 times better than the Superwide. The Superwide is a yoyo for having fun an the monster is a competition yoyo (it s also a fun yoyo by the way), spins longer and more stable.


Here are a few comparison shots. Diameter appears to be the same, so I’ll show you the rest. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr

The Monster appears to be taller by literally a hair. by The TotalArtist, on Flickr


The pictures sure makes the physical difference clear.


Is there a date when the revision of the Monster will be coming? I keep debating on picking up the blue one, even though I don’t like the colorway.