Monster and super wide: the thoughts of the community

So about 6 months ago yoyofactory released two yoyos that many called game changers

So do think they were game changers or novelty toys?

I personally love my super wide and would compete with it. But on the other hand I wouldn’t call them game changers.

So what is the community’s overall opinion?

i liked my superwide alot while i had it. it was a very fun yoyo that i enjoyed alot.

the monster is quite underrated and under talked about. it’s a pretty smooth throw, and a great player. plus makes eli hops impossible to miss :stuck_out_tongue:

they are game changers

Not sure about game changers seeing as how you can do any trick with any yoyo… But I did think they did bring some what of a new idea to yoyo designers… Personally I felt the SuperWide too wide, I like my XL much better then the SuperWide.

They are game changers just got mine and i pulled some crazy moves off ive never done

frankly, i think they make you worse. you get so used to huge catch zone you wont develop any accuracy. try using the SW or monster doing a super tech trick. GLWT.

Monster is a sweet throw…the yoyo community is very, very slow at adapting to any kind of new idea or technology…think hub-stacks…

I would like either a Super-Wide or a Monster. Is the Monster worth the extra cost over the S/W?

MONSTER is my yo-yo of choice, but we also sponsor players who choose superwide.

It funny, yoyo is a pretty alternate activity yet people don’t want to stray too much from the norm in yoyo (would that make you an outcast or uncool?).

I think there are still big unrealized advantages to be had and I expect the popularity of these style of yo-yos to continue to grow, even if they have been slow to be picked up on.

I have to apologize to Ben for a comment I made a while back, about the superwide being a bad idea. I had said this before I played one, and I must say , I was wrong. It is an interesting throw, but in my opinion, I don’t see maxing out one characteristic of a yoyo to be game changing.

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A few years ago people were saying the exact same things about 40mm widths.

have you seen john chow’s monster video?

i like the superwide more cuz its a bit faster and fits my style but the monster is also an amazing throw

This is a bit of wrong thinking. Just because it has a wide catch zone doesn’t mean it’s an easier yoyo to use. When you have two or more string segments, the width makes it much harder to only hit one string out of the three. Try a magic drop on the front string then try it on the back string. I bet you hit both every time. I can do it on front and back but it takes precision movements. I thikn they are super fun and also super challenging at the same time.

Final thoughts are Strange feeling but fun as all get out.