Why Super-Wide?

There’s been a lot of super-wide yoyos released lately, and they seem to be pretty popular. So… why with the super-wides?

I guess it is like the thing with kids these days.I actually don’t like that either

They have a completely different feel from normal Yo-Yo’s, they are much easier to hit with the string, They look cool. Just lots of preferences. They are really nice

They’re fun and good for practicing horizontal.

Some people just can’t hit it.

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Makes me wonder if it’s not just a function of running out of original ideas for standard yoyos, or just the acknowledgment that there are already a lot of great designs available. Obviously you could always come up with SOMETHING new, but it makes sense that you’d eventually see new concepts or fads being introduced as the metal throw market ages.



They play different. Must be heaver to feel “Normal”

I got to play a wet whistle by 10YoYo yesterday at Florida states, it was actually pretty cool. I liked it a lot and it was nice not missing … well anything haha! It isn’t on my must go out and buy right now. That is reserved for the code 2. But it is really a fun throw.

If people make stuff that is traditional they get bagged on, if they make something differnt they also get bagged on. gota’ love the world.
Anyhow I tried the chico yoyo company XL (I think it is called.) Good yoyo really wide and easy to deal with stable is all get out and just in general fun to play with. I think they are a fun factor kind of yoyo like the mighty flea, but who knows maybe a whole new high risk style will come of the really wide yoyos.

They don’t play heavier… have you ever played a wide Yo-Yo. Their play is as variant as a “normal Sized” Yo-Yo.

They make 'em for the cool cats… ;D

Hence what I said. They have to BE heavier in order to feel “Normal.” In case your wondering I actually own two.