Wide yoyos... Why?


I’ve never used a wide yoyo… They look interesting, but uncomfortable, and or hard to throw… If they’re good, what makes them good? Just curious


The only thing that can make a wide yoyo good is preference.

And they not that hard to throw.


I might check one out sometime


there meant to be good for learning hop tricks


I don’t know what you mean by wide yoyos is it something like superwide wide, or a wide one like around 40+mm


Wide == Superwide or Monster…


or a wet whistle


…or a Steamroller, or a Stampede…


I have a superwide and i like it. They throw fine. I have seen people compete with a monster so they must be good.


I have an Aoda Miracle. It’s in the super-wide format.

I find these are a little hard to throw, from the standpoint of they tend to wobble more until you get used to it. Unless the tricks you’re trying to land don’t give you a lot of "front/back? room and you got really short fingers, you should otherwise be fine.

For what I paid and what I get out of it, it’s a lot of fun. I couldn’t justify spending top dollar for a wide yoyo like this.

I’m not sure if this super-wide thing is a fad or not. It’s an interesting option to say the least.


spending top dollar on like a stampede is definitely worth it. That thing is dead smooth, grinds for days, and plays really well.
the monster though I don’t really think is worth it. I liked the superwide better.


Stampede and Steamroller are where it’s at, got both, but I prefer the steamroller overall, the stampede’s just not for me despite being an awesome throw