best ultra wide yoyo


What is the best ultrawide yoyo for the money. Are they really different or are they all the same?


I got the Aoda Miracle for like $25. For what I needed it for, it more than serves the purpose. It also plays really good too. I personally can’t justify spending the kind of money on a Monster, SuperWide or other stuff along those lines. I know there’s controversy as far as who owns the design of this yoyo, and I can’t get straight answers. At this point, I’m not wasting time trying to do further investigation. My needs was for an example of an ultra-wide yoyo, and it serves that purpose nicely, as well as being a good player

Do you get more for spending more? Maybe. For the price being requested of these models, I can’t justify that kind of cost right now. That can change, but I’ll let time tell me.


I’ve tried the Superwide and the Stampede. Didn’t care for the Superwide at all. But I love the Stampede! It’s wide, but doesn’t really feel wide. And it’s the best grinding yoyo I’ve ever tried.

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I’ve tried a Monster, Superwide, and (I think maybe a) Stampede. I liked the Monster the best by far.


i cant choose the best but top 3 are monster, wet whistle and stampede


Hey you guys forgot the XL.

I love mine thought it was way better then the SuperWide.


Either the Aoda Miracle or, if you are willing to put out the extra money, the SPYY Revenger.


wet whistle. I know the guy who makes them and that is by far the best yoyo ever.


Yeah, I may have to get a wet whistle eventually, but until then, that Revenger is badass! I just got one, and it is so good.


I agree I know the guy too and it is the best superWIDE yoyo Eva it feels like throwing a wide coke can luls


I like the hop king


Oh I forgot about the Revenger. That’s a good one too. It’s similar to the Stampede in that it’s wide, but doesn’t feel too wide. They’re both good, but I like the Stampede more. I think the shape is more comfortable and it grinds better. But I like both of them much more than the Superwide.


I have tried the Revenger, Superwide, Wet Whistle, and Stalker. I didn’t like the wet whistle because it didn’t have that much performance to it and the same for the superwide (so unstable I might add).

I would go with the revenger or the stalker, both are great. You can get the stalker here on yoyoexpert, it is by the brand YoyoSkeel…Malasian yoyo company.


3yo3 is making an acrillic stream roller which looks amazing. If it plays any thing like the original stream roller it is not one to miss.


I ended up trying a superwide at my yoyo club yesterday and decided to buy one thanks for all your imputed though.