Good wide yoyo 50+ mm

I was trying to find a wide yoyo. I have been looking at the yyf monster and ten yoyo wet whistle. I dont want a superwide. Has anyone played multiple wide yoyos and have desctiptions and conparisons. It should be at least 50mm wide.

MagicYoyo Desperado is amazing

For the price, yeah the Desperado is amazing. But other than that, it’s pretty awful. Cheap metal, not the best spin times. The whole thing just felt cheap.

The Wet Whistle is the best wide yoyo I’ve ever thrown, I’d definitely consider that. Haven’t played a Monster, but I’ve heard they’ve got a decent amount of center weight. Your spins won’t be as long or powerful, but the regens are really nice, which is hard to get on a wide yoyo.

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IMO I loved the steamroller. Although the rims are a little sharp on the edges it is by far one of the smoothest YoYos I’ve ever played and the grinding finish is the best I’ve ever used. It was a favorite of mine for a while. I don’t usually like wide yoyos but for some reason I enjoyed that one.

Forgot about X3! Haven’t tried a Steamroller, but Stampedes are wonderful. Great shape and they can grind for days.

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C3 Master Galaxy is pretty wide.

Wet Whistle is 57 mm wide. It’s my “wide” choice.

Aoda Miracle is 60.3mm wide, as is basically the Superwide.

Well, i took a look into all of the yoyo suggested and found that the only one that wasnt okay, not wide enough, or hard to find was the x3 stampede and wet whistle. From what i found, they are both amazing wide yoyos. If anyone has any more suggestions or more input on the x3 stampede or wet whistle, then that would be great.

Gotta second this since it was awesome

I cant buy a master galaxy because no one is selling master galaxys

Aznboyaz is. Check his bst

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There is one on the bst right now I’ll find the link for you.

EDIT: dang DrAwesome best me to it!

But here is the bst with that throw in it.,66372.0.html

I decided to get the black and blue tyy wet whistle. It isn’t hard to throw, but it feels different the first time you throw it. It is extremely smooth when thrown correctly. I throw it correctly. It isn’t heavy, and not light. It is in between fast and slow. It can move fast, but it isn’t the fastest. I don’t like going too fast so I like it. It has a lot of rotational energy, resulting in a stable spin unaffected by small disturbances. The fact its wide obviously makes it catch the string better, but also doesn’t get in the way. The grind surface is smooth. I love it, but I may have been just as satisfied by with a master galaxy, stampede, or steamroller.