Wide yoyos


To me it would seem that all wide yoyos would be nearly unusable.
This probably isn’t the case, but seriously, how do wide yoyos play in comparison to normal yoyos.


I had a MasterGalaxy… loved it…

They actually don’t get in the way as much as you would think, unless you are doing like some serious tech stuff, and even then it really isn’t that big of a pain. Awesome for hops to ;D


For tight string arrangements, they can sometimes be a bit too big for comfort. Other than that, they are fine. They are often a little bit heavy on average, but nothing that doesn’t make sense for the shape. It takes a little bit of getting used to on the throw because of the wider shape, so initially you may be finding your throw kinda sucks and you are having it wobble, then vibe, then smooth out as you get better used to it.

For horizontal play, they seem to be designed for that. It just seems kinda natural to me for the wider shapes to be more better oriented for this style of play.

For noobs, they can kinda be a “life saver”. The wider profile allows you to land more tricks easier and helps build confidence and satisfaction. The shape provides some variety and kind of forces one to learn to throw better. I find the wider, the less tolerant wides are on bad throws. I know for me, learning stuff like Eli Hops and Zipper are a lot easier on a wide yoyo, then I move to regular width yoyos. Then onto smaller yoyos, then down to my Aoda Miracle. NO, I rarely bust out the Mightly Flea except at meets since I can barely handle that little throw.

I have an Aoda Miracle. I tried a YYF Superwide, didn’t like it. I also have a 10YoYo Wet Whistle, which isn’t super wide, but it’s really good.

Again, the only bad parts are they don’t have the width to tolerate smaller and tight string configurations, so you’ll have to adapt your play for this, which can be as easy as learning to open the configuration up to accommodate the wider yoyo.

I’m not sure if the wide thing is a trend but I hope it’s here to stay. It’s a nice alternative and different play experience. It’s got applications for noobs to pros and everything in between. It’s not my favorite configuration but I do enjoy variety. Fortunately, there’s a small selection of models to choose from. it’s not big, but there is variety. The Wet Whistle is no frills in appearance. The Miracle is kinda “artsy” in profile. Most others are some split between “utilitarian” and some flair.

If you can get a chance to try one, I’d recommend you give one a shot.

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Wide yoyo’s actually play really nice. They land stuff easier and have a unique feel.


I have an Aoda Miracle which is a superwide. The wide shape isn’t great for tight string formation tricks that use wrists mounts unless you have really long fingers to open up spaces, at least from my experience. For string hopping tricks and front mount though it’s like having gyroscopic training wheels.

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Revenger and Orbitron 5000.
The best.


So, from what I see, wide isn’t bad.

Just very different.