what are the advantages of a WIDE shaped yoyo and which one is your favorite?

So I wand to try a wide shaped yoyo to see if i like them. Here are the ones im considering. if you have any feedback on these please comment

King yo hop star- havn’t heard much about this one so I’m a little unsure about it
Spyy Pro- isn’t as wide as the others but it looks like a great yoyo
YYF superwide- very wide and a little cheaper than the others… maybe a little too wide

So which is your favorite wide shaped yoyo (not just the ones listed above)? and what are the advantages of this shape? i’ve noticed a lot of the newer yoyos from the smaller companies (yoyoskeel, xcube, etc) are making wide yoyos so whats so great about it?

i dont know really any advantages but my favorite that i have tried was the xcube stampede

The hop king is one of my all time favorite throws.

Heres the thing.
Many wide yoyos “feel” wide, as in during tricks, you can feel that there is slightly less balance, harder to get into smaller string segments etc, but the hop king somehow doesnt have that same feeling as the others (all of which I have either owned or thrown).

Well balanced, slightly not as wide as some of the others so it can still get into string segments well.

And advantage, makes horizontal type eli hops much easier.

Fun throw.

My main throw


thanks for the help man. But I have one more question about the hop king. I was reading yoyoskills.com review on it and he said there was something about the axle he didn’t like. I dont really get what he was talking about but do you know anything about this? It was something about when you screw the yoyo together theres nothing to hold the axle in place and the axle passes through the hole on the side.

I have an Aoda Miracle. Good player for the money.

The thing is, with the wider shape, it takes a lot more practice to throw it super straight and steady. Just as you may have started with a modified shape yoyo, you may have remembered how easy that was to throw straight. Then you upgrade to a 1A-type yoyo and it took a bit to get that one straight as well. Well, you start over again with the super-wides.

I can’t say I don’t like it, but it’s not one of my favorites.

As far as more “normal” sized yoyos, I like the oversized yoyos, such as the DM2, Avalanche and Code 1. The Code 1 looks really wide because of the H-shape it uses. Right now, as I’m still going through intermediate tricks, double or nothing is easier for me on items such a the MarkMont Next, Bear vs. Man, gnarwal, 54 and other “standard” and “undersized” yoyos. For example, while the DM2 is my go-to yoyo, I can land double or nothing 7 out of 10 on it, but 10 out of 10 on an undersized or standard sized yoyo due to the smaller size since I don’t have big hands and fingers.

I needed an super wide for example purposes and didn’t want to pay a lot of money. The Aoda Miracle is good for both those purposes AND is a good player on top of it. For the money, if you like it, you can upgrade to something else or if you’re happy with it you can stick with it.

I know Aoda takes a lot of flack here AND there is a valid reason for it(unclear if it’s a Chinese knock-off of another design, or the same factory making essentially the same thing at a lower price for another brand or what), but they do make some decent stuff. The issues stem from suspicions that they do not create their own designs. However, seeing as how I NEED stuff for example purposes, it doesn’t make sense to pay a lot of money for what will most likely be a novelty for me. But who knows.

My favorite is definately hop king it doesnt feel wide but it is nuff said

Yeah, the hop king’s axle is a bit loose, so when you screw it together, the axle can actually go through all the way through the yoyo and out the other side if not careful.
But this can actually be easily remedied by wrapping a piece of teflon tape around the axle (something people did for the 888 when it had the same issues) and it keeps it in place with no issue.

wider yoyos usually have bigger catch zones, so you can pull of some tricks a lot easier. Like jayyo said, eli hops are easier to land
the best wide yoyo I’ve ever used was a stampede. it’s smooth as an a grade general yo, and can grind for days.

I have a Super-Wide and I really like it. It’s pretty stable and Eli-Hops are cake!

The only wide yoyo that I have tried is the pro that you mentioned, Love that yoyo. Spin times are great and very stable. I haven’t tried a stampede or superwide…kinda want to though.