The Hop King by King Yo Star | Review

Wide yo-yos are not what they used to be. We used to consider yoyos like the HSpin Pyro to be wide. In fact, the original Pyro was TOO wide by some standards. Now we don’t just have wide, we have Ultra Hyper Platypus Sweded Wide yoyos. Top ranked players seem to be flocking to these robustly wide yoyos. Hype is build all around ultra wide yo-yos. The wider the better. It is not enough that a yo-yo is wide, now it has to be extra wide. The Hop King by new Chinese manufacturer King Yo Star is one of these ultra super alrokerpreweightloss wide yoyos.’s mega ringworld wide review

do i detect a subtle bit of bronieness in that review???

“its so… wide…” is the right way BTW :slight_smile:


No, I meant it the way I typed it

curses. darn. my mind is so ponified i took it as a pony reference… oh well…