Superwide question

I never had a super wide throw, i am thinking of getting the MYY N5 wich is one.
so my question is just, how does a super wide actually play? does it feel very different to normal sizes? how much getting used to does it take to not hit every string you actually dont want to hit. and is there something else i should maybe know about super wide throws?

so it would be great if you could give me an idea of what i am getting into :wink:

It’s wide, especially when you compare it’s relatively small diameter(50mm) to it’s width(51mm). But, compared to things like the Aoda Miracle: 53mm diameter X60.3mm wide or the TenYo Wet Whistle at 54.750mm diameter X 57mm wide, it’s more smal than anything else.

The thing with wider yoyos is that if you have a sloppy throw, it will exaggerate that at first. Play with the yoyo for awhile and you will adjust to it. Even if you have a good throw, you’ll be off a little bit for a short bit as you adjust. Once you adjust to the width, you’ll be throwing it as good as anything else you have. If you’re not so good, new or just starting out, it might take you a bit. If you’re somewhat experienced, maybe 5 minutes. You’ll at first thing it’s wobbly, but it will be because of your throw with it needing to be refined. After that, you might thing they have some vibe, which could be true, but you’ll have to figure that out one yoyo at a time. When you’re to this point, just play it normally.

How does it feel compared to something with more normal-type ratios? Well, different.

Wides tend to be good on horizontal due to the shape. They tend to be easier to land tricks since you have a wider catch zone. Maneuvering through tighter formations can be OK for some, difficult for some and impossible for others because you have less room for error. Of course, the size of your hands can play a bit factor too in those tighter string formations! Not “hitting every string” is just a matter of practice and skill. If you’re hitting too many strings on a wide yoyo, you’re hitting too many strings on a not so wide yoyo.

A/B between the N5 an the Aoda Miracle, I’d go Aoda Miracle. I prefer the shape better and I like how the weight is distributed, plus the diameter is better for me and the width is “really wide”. However, my favorite is the Wet Whistle. Wides are fun. If someone wants one, the should get one.

The N5 is good. You have to be aware of the typical MYY issues: possible issues with response popping out and bearings that could use a cleaning or replacing. It can happen, but it may not. Some people have reported these issues, some people haven’t had these issues. I haven’t had these issues and I have 14 MYY yoyos, with a 15th waiting for me to get at Nationals.

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thank you very mutch! you helped me a lot :smiley: