YoYoFactory Superwide 2.0

I know, I know. I already did a review of the Superwide. I just think that this amazing yoyo deserves a second, more polished review. Anyway, let’s go!

Specs (as found on the YYE Superwide page):
Diameter: 53.09mm/ 2.09in
Width: 57.77mm/ 2.27in
Weight: 67.9 grams
Bearing size: YYF SPEC Bearing Size C (.250x.500x.187)
Response: Silicone Ring Response

Phew! I hope I got all ^^ that right! Anyway, continuing:

This yoyo is, as you hopefully knew or guessed, WIDE! I know, right? Crazy! No, it’s not crazy. It’s AWESOME. The wide gap allows for maximum ease for tricks like trapeze, elihops, etc. I actually learned elihops ON this yoyo! It’s also great for string tricks, pretty much any in general.

First throw:
The first throw wasn’t the greatest, I’ll admit. The yoyo wobbled a bit and felt much too light for my tastes, but after a few quick binds I began to do my tricks. String trick combos were made easy as pie with the wide shape, it just felt… Right.

This is a great yoyo overall. If you don’t like wide yoyos, this one is obviously not for you. Also, if you’re a beginner to string tricks and elihops, this yoyo will ease you comfortably into the world of 1a. I love this throw and give it a 7/10 only taking points away for the short sleep times, wierd weight feeling (to me), and the fact that it only comes in red. That’s about it! Feel free to leave questions below! Thanks for reading, everybody!