YYF Superwide

I love wide yoyos, so about a month ago I put up a thread asking about them. I heard about the Superwide and kind of fell in love with it, so I got one. I’ve been playing with it for a while to see its true potential. It’s amazing. It’s absolutely perfect for landing mounts such as trapeze, double or nothing etc… With the bearing it comes with, it only sleeps for a bit, and probably wouldn’t satisfy someone used to CLYW or such, but it’s perfect for me! Since I got this throw, I learned elihops (a trick previously impossible to me) and that whip bind thing. It’s my number one throw right now and is my go to for all string tricks, slacks, whips etc. I know that some people don’t like wide yoyos, but I LOVE them an it’s like this throw was designed for me!
Feels durable
Great anodizing job and neat color
Big and easy for mounts

Huge (if you have small hands I don’t recommend this yoyo)
Only comes in one color (an orangey, Christmas red)
Bearing it comes with doesn’t spin for too long

Thanks for reading this review, if you have any questions leave them below and I’ll try my best to answer them!

Try cleaning the bearing, my Supernova came with a spec that spun for ages but was very very loud.

Cleaning it took the noise away and kept it spinning smooth.

what do I clean it with, though?

Hey glad u liked the superwide u got from me. Yeah clean the bearing. When I got the yoyo I never touched the bearing so it may need a little wash in mineral spirits.

ok! Thank you very much, man!