Best Unknown US Manufacturer

Looking to get some feedback from the forum on who they think is the best unknown US YoYo Manufacturer


How would you define unknown?

Well a yoyo company I just heard of a couple of days ago is Square wheel Yoyos. Don’t know if they are “unknown” but I heard a lot of people like them

By unknown I would say one that is fairly new and upcoming and not yet a mainstream company.



They are a small family owned company who support contests and players around the world. The are innovative in design pushing yoyo play too.

They are not mainstream, are fairly new compared to Duncan and deserve your support :slight_smile:


I would say TenYoYo. They are very innovative and pushing for what seems to be all play styles.

You guys should fit in that category, as a great and not yet mainstream company.

I’d say Foxland Precision. Great Yoyos, great prices, and they are great manufactures. They actually machine Ten Yoyos throws.

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I think it is really cool and nice that you can support a rival company. Super awesome. You have my respect,

I would say DEADLY SpINS is going to be great! great yoyo and the initial release is something many people need to get

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Very true.

I have to go with foxland, Deadly Spins, and RAyoyo’s they all make/are making throws that have a unique shape and feel. They all probably play awesome and have really nice people

This man speaks the truth!!

I appreciate the comment

Is Yoyojam really becoming a niche/unknown company? That’s crazy. Are $50 throws that play as good as $100 metals not popular?

I think yyj is the most known company for beginners.

As I’ve gotten better over the years, I’ve come to appreciate the fact that there isn’t anything my expensive metals offer over my yoyojams besides perhaps a feeling of smoothness

Look all the major companies not in our little nice. Is yoyojam a big company?

ten yoyo or rec rev

Have you ever heard of a company named yomega?