Best Plastic Still In Stock?

I’m looking to pick up a plastic (or maybe hybrid) that I can use when I don’t want to bang up one of my metals. I’m wondering what people think is the best plastic (or hybrid) yoyo right now that’s still in stock.


the YoyoFriends Dove is coming back in stock and that thing is amazing. it retails at $35? i think? (@Mazdarx7FD can confirm though) and it comes in a ton of colors.


CLYW Big Dipper for $30 here on YYE is legit. And for $5 a Fool’s Gold Yeti 2.0 is really good if you like bigger throws. Can’t speak to many other recent plastics that are readily available (Recess First Base would be my first choice).


Dove, along with new run of Hummingbird and the brand new sunbird will be shipped to all retailers this week.

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