What are your favorite yo-yos from Yoyofriends

Now I’ve been a yo-yoer for a Long time and I have never owned a Yoyofriends yo-yo before in my entire life and I’ve heard so much great stuff about their yo-yos. so I’m super hyped for the dove restock tomorrow :grin: but I want to know your recommendations and favorite yo-yos from Yoyofriends and share our hype for their future releases to come :wink:


Only had a Raytracer from them, it was the smoothest bimetal I ever owned. Playfeel was pretty good as well, but I let it go because it was a halfswap. I recently ordered a Dove, so I can come back to this and let you in on my experience about it once I throw it enough. Will take some time to get to me though.

Yeah I heard about the raytracer too it’s a cool inner ring bi-metal until the vulture tomorrow I’m sure :grin: but I’m going to finally order the dove tomorrow and see what a Delrin yo-yo plays like :thinking: so I can’t wait for it either !!!

Hummingbird and Dove are my favorites.

Note: I’ve never tried a Raytracer, Magpie, or Peregrine.


I got a Hummingbird, Peregrine, Koi, and a Ti Sunbird. The Koi is stunning (got that Koi pond looking acid wash version), but it is kind of overshadowed in feel by the many other more recent organic throws. Im still new to the Hummingbird, but I love how light and quick it is. Id probably give the all-rounder win to the Peregrine over the Hummingbird, but I have to play with them both more to compare. My favorite is the Ti Sunbird though. It’s not as nimble as the bi-metals, but man is this thing a performance beast. It is very maneuverable, slightly long spinning, and has a really nice feel. Among the best yoyos ive ever thrown.

One thing of note about the bi-metals is that they look, feel, and play so premium in comparison with most other bi-metals. Ive never played a YYR bi-metal, but everything else is basically 2nd place.


The only one I have is the Sync. It’s really really good, especially at the $50 price point. It’s very balanced as far as how it plays and feels and is very capable. Even though it’s their “budget” model, the high quality and attention to detail is definitely there.

I have Hummingbird, Peregrine & Ti bird.

My favorite at this moment is the peregrine. Feels great in the hand & on the string, solid QC, and reasonable price point.
I never get the hype of the hummingbird. Yes it plays well but it doesn’t give me the premium feeling that I expect from a $140 throw.
The Ti bird plays good as well. However after comparing it to my other Tis, I start to think “no it doesn’t have to be a titanium”. When paying $300 I’m looking for some uniqueness that couldn’t be delivered with AL, not just good performance.

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YYF and G2 make the best bimetals imo… yyr comes third personally

That said the vulture looks dope (the aggressive shapes always get to me) and the peregrine and hummingbird are awesome. Koi is underrated imo it’s a great chill organic

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The hummingbird has been my favourite yoyo for a very long time now, so it’s definitely the yoyo to get.

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My personal favorite is the peregrine. I still remember making the rough draft of it with my friend in his house. One day I just thought of the spec in my head and went for it. When the manufacturer team made it they immediately told me it’s something incredible. Also maybe I should do a performance / comparison video of our 3 flagships. Vulture, Hummingbird and Peregrine later.


Please make this happen! :pray:t3:


The Koi is so good! Butter smooth and plays incredible. My favorite unresponsive yoyo.