Best middle ranged competition yoyo

I would like to buy a yoyo for competition for $100 or lower what would you guys recommend?

Nd ultra, edge, grasshopper x, elimination

I got an edge because it was on sale and I can’t wait until it comes in


Spin Dynamics are all on sale. The Alter Ego is fantastic! It is originally $120 and is now $65. They are also selling their bimetal for $60 dollars. I haven’t played with it, but from what I have heard it is also a stellar yoyo.

Where can I get an Elimination?

The elimination is a collab with Topyo x Unprld and sold for $99.00! Very awesome throw! Has double weight rings for an outstanding feel on string! Not sure since it’s sold-out all over online? Maybe a YYE re-stocking is on the horizon? The other places it was sold…’s…Return Top Shop/Sam’s Yoyo shop all have been sold-out!
Only place I’ve not tried is Maybe you could ask Kyle K.through a PM?

SF Bliss for Bimetal.
SF Cadence or One Drop VTWO monobois.


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The VTWO is amazing, but does it really qualify as a “middle ranged” competition throw at $100?

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OP said $100 or lower, was going off of their definition. What is considered expensive is relative and all.

But what isn’t relative is how AWESOME the VTWO is and how badly it’s under hyped. Fact.

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I completely agree with you. In fact I like it so much I ordered a second one. I’m just bummed I couldn’t get it in purple…

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