Best competition yoyo?

Hey guys! I am looking for a new competition yoyo. I want something on the wider side that is fast and powerful. My budget is around 50-80 dollars if you have any recommendations let me know


I’ve seen 2018 G2 AL7 Banshees going for $70-$80 through BST.


What were you using before?


I’d say like a Shutter Wide Angle. Budget friendly, definitely wide, proven performer, and easily available and affordable to purchase multiples to compete with.


I was using the shutter wide angle but mine is really snaggy and vibes a lot


Have you thought about trying to find a World Champion 2019 edition Wangle with the slightly increased rim weight?

I’d recommend thinking about the Endgame, Bind, Orbital GTX, and Grasshopper GTX.


How do you like the Endgame? I’ve been on the fence, but looks like I will buy one soon as it seems to get good reviews. Throws and Brews even rated it as a ‘draupnir-killer’ when he reviewed it, but I have some doubts if it really is that good.

The Grasshopper GTX also gets a lot of good compliments. How would you compare the Endgame against those 2 GTXs?


Man, I’m loving my EndGame. I’ve only had it a couple of days and really haven’t played it much…but damn!
It doesn’t have the magic that my '18 AL7 Banshee has (still the best performing throw I’ve ever touched)…but it’s still such an amazing performing yo! Spins forever and with tons of power and zip behind it, extremely stable (doesn’t tilt on the string) nimble feeling…yet it’s very much got a presence on the string (lol that probably makes no sense. Makes sense in my own head though!! haha).
One thing I do like about it over my Banshee, is that it feels better in my hand! The banshee is sharp…it’s like an angular fighter jet. It can hurt to catch when it’s still spinning hard.
The EndGame has rounded off edges and just feels softer and more enjoyable to hold and to catch.

I can’t wait to continue to progress with my EndGame…to get some serious time in with it. Such a sweet yo!
If you want a high end, pure competition level bi-metal yo-yo I can’t recommend the EndGame enough!


It’s hard to compare the three since they’re all so very different.

The Endgame feels very H if that makes sense, kinda what you would expect looking at the shape. Those can be hit or miss for me but I think they did a good job of making it feel rim weighted without feeling overly so. It also has a nice presence to it, which I feel can sometimes be missing a bit with harsh H shapes like the Flank or Metalhead. I’d compare it to another bimetal but I don’t think I have another bimetal that’s trying to do quite the same thing as the Endgame.

The Grasshopper GTX feels like your standard competition bell-shaped V like the Haymaker X or the Trident but of the ones I’ve tried, I like the Grasshopper GTX the most. It’s definitely the sports car of the three you asked me to compare; it wants to go the fastest of the three IMO but it doesn’t feel like it’s forcing you to. This makes sense given the shape and how narrow the SS rings are.

The Orbital GTX is the most interesting of the three IMO. It has power but it feels a bit more methodical than the three due to the very wide SS rings. It almost feels like it’s waiting for you to do whatever you need it to do, but it can do it all really competently. This makes sense given what I’ve seen of Tal Murdoch’s style. He has a bunch of tricks that involve intricate mounts but also throws in some faster elements. I feel like it empathizes control over all else.


I am sold on the Endgame now. I have always been curious about its profile, and is really what I’ve been looking for in a bi-metal in terms of shape, width, and weight. So many people have said good things about it and I couldn’t find anyone who has anything negative to say.

Thanks very much @nonja121 and @twitch77 for your feedback!


Just a word of warning about my enthusiasm about the EndGame…it is new to me, so I’m absolutely honeymooning with it.
I really don’t see my excitement for it fading though. I think it’s going to be up there with my Banshee as a favorite player that I never tire of.
Also…I’m not very good at yoing yet, so my thoughts of the yo are through the eyes of a beginner…I can’t push it to it’s limits to really know just how well it does or doesn’t really perform.
Oh, and I don’t have any other yos I consider ‘pure competition’ yos to compare it to other than my Banshee…so keep that in mind too.

But seriously…the EndGame is amazing!


No worries! It really is a fun yoyo. Caveat of me being a really casual player and it being rather new to me so I might be honeymooning a bit. But it’s seriously one of my favorite new releases, outshining some other new releases for me.


I tried a GTX at MA states and it was fantastic. Don’t feel like buying one new but I’m going to keep my eyes on the BST going forward.

I was expecting it to be a lot heftier feeling in play based on input I read here but it was great. I agree that it feels faster than a lot of rim weight bimetals.

On the flip side I tried the ND and it wasn’t what I was expecting. Could definitely tell from my limited time with it that I wouldn’t like it. Overly light feeling, which isn’t a problem in itself but it’s the kind of light that you know is going to lack stability and spin time.

Wanted to try a Blade but i didn’t see one anywhere.


Thank you! I have narrowed it down to the grasshopper gtx and the virtuoso. What do you think is better

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Really depends on style. If your more techy then go for virtuoso. But overall I’d say gtx


What makes you consider the Virtuoso?

Those are two really different throws. The Grasshopper GTX definitely has more power. The Virtuoso is floatier.

Again, I’m a casual player and I don’t compete but if you want something that has more float than the Grasshopper GTX I’d personally go with the Orbital GTX. I feel like it has a bit more power than the Virtuoso just by virtue of being a bimetal.

That said, the Virtuoso is a solid throw and I love mine.

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Thanks! What makes you say the orbital over the grasshopper

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I’m not saying Orbital GTX over Grasshopper GTX; I’m saying Orbital GTX over Virtuoso IMO.

Look it’s gonna come down to your style. If you do more speed, I’d go with the power of the Grasshopper GTX. If you do more tech, I’d go with the Orbital GTX. They’re both really solid throws but very different so I can’t really say that one is gonna be better for you over the other.

If you have the funds, I’d say snag both and try them and sell off the one you don’t like on the BST (or see if anyone at your local yoyo club will let you try them).


Thanks you this really helps a lot!


No problem! Actually what you might wanna do is take a look at some videos of the two players those are signatures of since they’ll be optimized for their play styles.

Grasshopper GTX: Janos Karancz

Orbital GTX: Tal Murdoch