G2 Banshee good as gold?

The G2 Banshee is a highly regarded yoyo, yes?

Did Jake ever release a plain gold version?

Some say one of the best!

@Tvelto said

Is it the greatest? I dunno, its certainly top 3, though for me. I’ve had the opportunity to throw a TON of yoyos. Some fantastic ones and some meh ones, but the Banshee is one that I keep coming back to.

That, to me, is the true test. Once you’ve had it for a year, do you still pick it up often and get the same feeling of “Yeah, this is so good”? I do. The 2018 is very similar but with a little more power. It doesn’t sacrifice any of the feeling of the yoyo that I enjoyed in the first place, though.

Its all subjective, though.

There is a fairly big difference in the 2018 vs earlier banshees though:

disclaimer: i pushed the hell out of the previous banshee to the point of overhyping, i moderate /r/g2nation, and /u/g2jake knows i’m blunt and honest with my opinions (most of the time anyway). This is gonna be such a time

If we are talking about the 2018 Banshee alone i like it a fair bit. When i got it and threw it for a week or so i felt like it checked most of the boxes under “recommended changes” when talking about the previous design. The changes put it closer to that stereotypical competition feel. With respect to the price range is it the best in it’s class now in terms of raw feel, performance, and what not? No, not really. If i was given ~110 dollarydoos and commanded “buy me the best yoyo to you with this, time not a factor” then i’d probably go out and buy maybe 5 to 10 other things before going for a 2018 Banshee. That being said, it is on the list of considerations cuz i like the shape and the feel.

The 2018 has a bit more rim weight, which IMO is also true of the 2018 elite.

i wrote up a stream-of-thought on my IG post but to sum it up shortly, 2018 trades even-weightedness and lighter string presence for more power, stability. How it was accomplished, i have a few ideas of how, mostly with adding a bit more weight to the overall design and distributing it accordingly. I still prefer the original over the 2018, but the 2018 i think will appeal to more people because it’s more focused on the raw performance.

I personally like the 2018 elite much better but I think I prefer the earlier “floatier” banshee.


What year was the earlier Banshee released?

Did any of them come in plain gold?

2016, not sure on a solid gold OG Banshee

Do Banshees use standard 19mm response pads?

Not the OG ones, new ones do (pretty sure).

You can also go onto their website, https://www.gsquaredyoyos.com/yoyo-list/

And do some research. Internet is awesome for that type of stuff.

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The G2 website only lists specs for the retired 2016 Banshee. If the 2018 version is different, the G2 website doesn’t seem to say so anywhere.

Not “if”, the B18 is different.

The information is there, just have to look for it. Read the news section, look around, dig a little.

B18’s use pads, I’m just not certain on the size.
OG Banshees use silicon only.

You can use pads with original banshees, they use a standard cutout for the pads like virtually all modern unresponsive yoyos. Jake just chose to silicone them because… I dunno, reasons? Anyway, he’s switched to pads now because it saves him so much time.