G2 Banshee?


I saw Brandon Vu’s video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_fXh4O0s2Z8). I was really hoping I could find one to get. (Couldn’t find anything) anybody know if YYE will have them anytime soon. ???


I’m not sure when these will actually drop, but I think it’s getting close. For a while the Banshee was gong through several tweaks. I have a Banshee v1, v2, and a v3, cash definitely feel some of the differences in each version (v2 felt the lightest, v1 the heaviest, and v3 kind of between the 2.)


I felt the same way with his review of the Throw Revolution Zephyr. An aluminum yoyo with the feel of a high end bi-metal? I’d love to have one! But where can you get it?

I wonder if Brendan is just trying to review a cross section of yoyos. He’s reviewed the YYF Shutter and Horizon already and those are both easily available. Maybe he’s now trying to review more specialized and difficult to find yoyos as well.